An introduction to the world of inovative wooden folding boxes

Welcome to PatoBox websites, we are pleased that you are interested in our products.

Our Product

We developed Patobox to provide an alternative to plastic folding boxes that offer only limited load capacity and break easily. We adopted
‘local-to-local’ production process that uses only locally sourced materials that are assembled in partnership with sheltered workshops employing people with disabilities.

Wood processing and textiles have a long tradition in our region, which guarantees excellent quality of all used parts. All our boxes are highly durable and their longevity cannot be compared with plastic alternatives. Natural materials, fairly paid workers and durability reflect our strive for sustainability in everything we do.

All boxes are handmade and each piece is an original.

Social Footprint

As mentioned above, company PatoBox cooperates with a sheltered workshop - the entire project focuses (besides) also on social and ethical aspect. Employees of this sheltered workshop are helping us mainly with the textile processing.

Unique Design and Technology

Both design and technology of our boxes are protected. It is an unique solution worldwide.

We hope that you will enjoy using our products and the idea behind it. Respect for the environment, sustainability and care for others.

PatoBox Team

The Team of PatoBox s.r.o.

Key persons within the company PatoBox s.r.o.

Ing. Michal Patočka

CEO at PatoBox s.r.o.

Languages: EN / DE / CZ

Ing. Eva Patočková

Sales & Marketing Manager at PatoBox s.r.o.
Customer Service Center

Languages: EN / DE / CZ

Jaroslav Patočka

Production Leader at PatoBox s.r.o.
Supply Chain

Languages: CZ